International Overdose Awareness Day. 

Today is International overdose awareness day. Are you taking any pain medications Soley because your doctor offered them to you? I don’t know the exact statistics but and astonishingly large amount of  people that find themselves addicted to opiates, and many nowadays who find themselves strung out on heroin , were originally prescribed legal pain medication […]

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Oh Lord don’t you keep me down, Don’t you push me down to the ground. Let me ride upon the waves of life, Let me glide over the mountains of the earth. Bring me up to the sky. I did so much for you. You did so much for me. Can’t you see me Digging […]

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Pop-Philosophy: A Good Start. 

Interview with Levi Bryant. (Scroll right and then down for the English). Professor Bryant is onto something. This interview is a good intro. Or at least an overview.  —— I would say I am a Totalizer toward Philosophy. And yet, I would have to couple that ( thanks to Prof. Blake’s incessant explications ) with I tend toward […]

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