Excerpt from the upcoming documentary “CSP: Why Now?”

Why now? Why after all these years is CSP coming out to the world, really in essence, not being covert any more?


“The absolutely fabulous thing about CSP was that its totally fake. Its ridiculous, I mean, the whole idea was fucking dumb! People wont understand it now, and I don’t think people really did then either, but they seemed to, and that’s why its been working as a failure the whole time until now. Now were just coming out and telling everyone, basically, “Its all BS! Enjoy!”. Make something for the sole purpose of not being known, all the while undertaking a project that only exists as a project for the purpose of being known, but proceeding in the effort to be totally unseen; that’s where the ‘covert’ part came up. Brilliant, id say, and kind English, I think, in its tongue-in-cheeky humor. Americans as a population are too dense, too into their own thing and the seriousness of it to really have any sort of humor about life and doing things at all, I think. And there it is: The covert sound philosophy. Its really fucking stupid, but that’s whats so great about it. The people who don’t know or who aren’t into it or don’t care are actually fulfilling and making CSP more popular than ever! Its crazy, but its working; its ridiculous.

…why now? Well, because now the cool hip thing is to be known, to promote yourself, to fully acknowledge that your are full of yourself in a social kind of acceptance about ‘that’s how you go about things’ kinda way, and not so much in a ‘that’s how people just are’ kinda way. Now days the idea that brought about CSP is totally foreign. It would be like someone eating shit for their regular sustainence; people just are incapable of understanding the sense behind it. They might be able to conceptually think about how weird it is – but there again: Everything is a production and you are supposed to be a product that produces yourself as a product. And everyone is doing it. That’s why now…”

“CSP: Why Now?” Coming in 2019.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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