The Modern Problem of the Gut.

In the autumn of 1887,Nietzsche jots downa plan to look at ‘“modernity”through theanalogy of nutrition and digestion’:Sensitivity unspeakably more irritable […],the accumulation of disparate impressiongreater than ever – the cosmopolitanism of foods,literatures,newspapers,forms,tastes,even landscapes etc.the tempo of this influxa prestissimo;the impressions wipe eachother out – weakening of digestive forceresults.


This is a variation on a familiar theme of decadence,or decadent self-reflection – toomuch,but of that too little.Here,a plethoraof forms leads to a lack of formation,theprestissimo of modernity paralyzes its subjects,sensory overload produces numbness….”

-from  Wieneck. Nietszche and the Stomach of Modernity.

And then there’s this, from Psychology Today
Maybe it’s all the gut. All of our problems. 

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