Philosophy often deals with finding essences without ever dealing with the term “essence” itself. For another discussion, this is the issue of the founding term, but for now since philosophy as a traditional historical classical arena has ended, which is to say,  the residual whiffs of philosophical vapour are still treated as essential Philosophical Givens, we must begin to reestablish what the possibility of philosophy now entails.

One of these concerns “essence”. Typically essence is understood to indicate some sort of unchanging thing as it is beyond all relativity and mediation somehow we get to define something that is essential through contingent terms. Due to the inherent contradiction of such founding terms, it is only practical and highly conventional to continue on in a typical and regular philosophical matter. 

Instead, essence can be indicated in a more strict sense to mean ‘marker of difference’. 


    1. Yes. That is true. I like the analogy ZiZek uses in Event: it’s like the cartoon where the character is running. And runs off the cliff straight into the air, but he doesn’t begin to fall until he notices that he’s standing on nothing. Time can be relative and 150years can pass before anyone notices something is off.

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