Postmodernism, as the term Lyotard uses to frame a ‘crisis of narratives’, is the theoretical apology for what is modern. Quite literally, the posisition as well as activity of postmodern thought is “I’m sorry”.  It is the ‘unbelief’ of the current situation: I’m sorry that it is indeed this way, but, while I can’t believe it, it’s the only thing I have by which to frame the situation. 
Read anything that frames itself with reference to modernity in light of apology and you will see an overt sense of awkwardness, of overcompensation, assertiveness of correction, and just plain lip protrusion.

Together, modernity and postmodern thought comprise our current religio-mythological moment. 

If we are ever to get beyond the eternally correlationist postmodern-modern repetition, then we may have to call out and actually face what the postmodern situation actually is. Not the condition as some sort of progressive movement away or out of (in that there is an exit that is said to be ‘no exit’), but in as much as this escape vector is but a regressive ploy which keeps us. We must confront and expose that limiting modern posture.

But maybe we won’t get beyond it. Maybe our plight is to bring about the end that is only noticed in hindsight. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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