Another Serious Hoax.

Another very serious irony.

Another Sokalesque Hoax.
That link is actually to Graham Harman’s blog, which has a link to “why evolution is true” blog, which has a link to the oregional paper if not an archived version of it.
But I wanted to comment on Dr. Harmon’s comment.

I think it does indiigt a particular aspect of the intellectual community and academic discipline , and I think Dr. Harmon is correct that jargon can be so easily thrown about and taken as legitimate . but I don’t think it necessarily should be properly located back up on the people who wrote the paper; i’m not sure how we should measure whether or how one is engaging between their thoughts and ideas and discourses, or the more blunt version “thought and reality”. I’m not really sure how we determine what “secondhand” is. 

Think about what it would’ve taken for this paper to remain as a legitimate source: It would have taken such a simple thing as the author not revealing that it was a hoax. Now I think Dr. Harmon is kind of making an accusation towards someone who would be so duplicious. I’m not so sure that’s as easy as it sounds. Sure we’d all like to think there is a certain kind of intellectual standard or some sort of mark of legitimacy and authenticity in how a human being behaves in the world, but I think that’s really idealistic. If there’s anything that goes on in the modern world it is falsity as legitimate, and I may be a bit of a pessimist, but I think that is the nature of our world that to begin to accuse people as to some sort of intellectual bad integrity in this kind of situation is kind of a simple minded and naïve, if I can say so. sure I tend to agree with that sentiment but I don’t know if I would say it as a valud argument really because again I may be a pessimist but I would say at least 50% of academia is involved in that same kind of game if only because most people that are involved in academia aren’t really worried about any ‘authentic’ intellectual pursuit (what is that? How do we qualify that?) they’re worried about having a job and a career. (How bout we come up with a legitimate philosophy of compromise?)

Yes there are many people in all sorts of careers that do you have the balls and the societal privilege do you have the luxury of hanging onto their ideals and having them come across in a manner that then becomes a social justice issue. But I don’t think most people have that luxury and I don’t even really think it comes down to people having balls. 

So I think to put it on the author of the paper is kind of a weak argument. I would put it more in the field where all this jargon has arisen. I kind of turn of the 20th century analytic genre, if you will, that launch is it self into an ethereal heady realm of independent objects is naturally, overtime given the pure number of people that will enter into the institution of interdisciplinary work, going to produce a bunch of intelligent people that feel that their job is to manipulate these purely heady and disembodied terms in order to make an argument and in order to make a name and in order to make a career for themselves a paycheck in their pocket and gain some political (career) capital.

But that being said, I don’t think we should knock down the whole area of intellectual discussion and application and consideration; but I do think we need to clean up what we consider general philosophical speculation. As I have put recently in a post and I’ve said elsewhere, we need to start to consider what philosophy is capable of addressing in particular and what it can be used for. Until we have a proper philosophical science we are going to have to detach philosophy from the scientific kind of maxims that keep the work of science in check. 

In this case, then, how would we be able to discern its legitimacy? It says “penis”. Now how are we to pull back from the saturation of jargon? Obviously, there are people who take discourse that appears very similar to this as legitimate. Are we to rely uon the integrity of the author to let us know after its acceptance that it is fake? Doesnt that seem kind of imprecise? How are we to impliment a standard?

It seems Harman (and Why Evol…) already have a ctriterion. Perhaps they could enlighten us as to what this might be? 

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