We have no need to invent New terms. All the terms that are needed to talk about the truth of any matter already there.

They are material by which things exist.

We have no need to say “materialism” and ask 1 million questions or to find 1 million ways how philosophically we might define with this state is;  it is already defined for us in the most regular of manners, through the most regular of conventions.

Indeed we can re-appropriate terms, such as I do with the term “faith”, But the common meaning it’s not disrupted in a manner that it becomes virtually unrecognizable except to some intellectual elite; it is the same with ‘difference’: We merely take the conventional meaning to it non-conventional extents that are usually avoided in the regularity of daily living.

So I say that there is only material, but all the various philosophical materialisms only serve to cloud the issue and maintain a hierarchical structure of ideological existence. Keep in mind that such structures are not automatic, they are not necessary in the sense that they somehow naturally develop in a human way, where to be human is to be of a common sort. Rather we are taught to play along certain rules as if these rules are automatic and necessary in the philosophical sense: we are taught our religion. We are taught what reality is as if it is true in the big T sense, and that it’s routes and methods are likewise handed down from on high, the great god of nothingness and nonexistence avoided for the sake of the essential and all powerful term identity that sees it’s untruth everywhere. 

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