The Sadness…

… is in people who think this is just a silly cartoon: REPOST:  Cartoon de jour — Business As Usual. Originally posted on Becoming is Superior to Being: Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson In case you think this is current, this cartoon was created ten years ago. “The more things change, the more they […]

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The Extensions of Denial: Philosophy of the Real and Addiction.

unfinished notes… On the possibility of philosophy: Philosophy, which once seemed outmoded, remains alive because the moment of its realization was missed… …This describes the same situation as ‘the philosophical revolution’… …The summary judgement that it had merely interpreted the world is itself crippled by resignation before reality, and becomes a defeatism of reason after […]

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Faith And reality.

“If I cannot rely on the world to be consistent (I do not mean willful consistency) I will not be able to function meaningfully in it.” This quote from This blog is a perfect statement of what I mean as ‘faith’ that functions for consciousness as a suture that holds the consistency of reality together. Faith functions […]

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The Re-United States. 

I heard an interview with the author of this book and it sounded really great: The Reunited States of America. It seems like this might be totally contrary to what I talk about a philosophy, but it’s actually quite similar in the sense of the attempt to look beyond division, or should I say rather, beyond […]

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