Democratic Impotence. 

Isnt a “permit to protest” an oxymoron or non sequitur or something? 

If Trump totally fails (which i honestly hope he does us well), should we wait for a license to impeach him? 

If our system indeed becomes corrupt through its own intention , are we supposed to wait until there’s a legal way to overthrow the government? 

Such questions may become moot. 

The following repost sounds eerily similar to the ideas that I’ve talked about elsewhere. Namely that there will be an effective segregation of elements; The strata of power will be in power regardless, as a type of aristocracy or oligarchy, while the idea of democracy will perpetuate itself in the “people”.
The Fallacies of Neoliberal Protest, Part 2Recently, a professor at Cornell University named Russell Rickford wrote a fascinating article about the Black Lives Matter movement called “The Fallacies of Neoliberal Protest”. In this article, Rickford outlines what he calls the “false assumptions” that are “propagated by the corporate power structure [sic]”. He calls these fallacies “dialogue and awareness” “appeal to authority” […]

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1 thought on “Democratic Impotence. ”

  1. I like this idea of democracy now needs to be “perpetuated in the people”. Thank you for reposting my article. And yes that was exactly the “problem” I was talking about, the problem of legitimacy of the opposition. If people really want to impeach Trump, for example, or for him to resign as people like Keith Olberman want to do, what happens when it gets so bad that we can’t “wait” for legal measures to unfold? Do we have any sort of “emergency switch”? We can recapture the Senate and House in 2 years, but what if in that time Trump invades Iraq again, which is now looking like an idea that is being entertained? This is why I think socialism is necessary, because it should not be allowed for a president to take this much unilateral action period.

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