Intelligence and non-intelligence. 

( note: this post is also voice dictated with very little editing )

I’m going to attempt to stick with the pervasive philosophical idea that reality is manifested only thru discourse. So instead of saying intelligence and idiocy, i’ll say intelligence and not intelligence, also because using the prefix non-has become so cool, and also also to indicate The stratification of real estimation. This is to say to indicate that intelligence is not some sort of basic or essential human universal relation upon all other possibilities of existing, and to emphasize the relativity segregation states. 

If you read my last post it might seem incredible that I went from 500 people getting in a fight at a local mall and the symptomatic subsequent fives that went on at another malls I guess across the nation, to an assumption that most of human beings in the world are morons, to A justificationof aristocracy. Yeah that’s a bit extreme. But it’s more that I just use the idiocy ofsmall number of people as  springboard to express my Opinion that most people are idiots, and then to theorize apartment situation.

But I don’t think it would be difficult for anyone who works a regular job to agree with me that most people that they work with are idiots. And if you work with the public and your job that most people in the public or likewise idiotic. And if you know anyone who makes social rules that works and governments are on board you would have to agree with me that many of these people enough of them are likewise imbiciles. 


But I think it’s more true than we like to admit. Of course I am really easy to get along with ;). And I pretty much get along with everyone I encounter. It is only really occasionally that I come across a person obstinate difficult; I tend not to react quickly and I tend not to take things personally. I tend understand that if someone is an asshole it’s usually has nothing to do with me and it’s because of whatever’s going on in their day and they feel that they have to act out in particular manner.

But if you look at that observation of myself in the world for what it is, we can begin to see how, if I’m being honest and mostly truthful so far is how I get along with the world (insomuch as I don’t have a second or third or fourth party verifying to you readers that I’m such an easy-going levelheaded person), that my view upon the world is that most human beings are idiots.

Why would I take everything personally? Doesn’t everyone have a friend or at least know people that does this all the time? How they’ll take comments as insults when the other person were just meant as a bare comment with no agenda behind them? I’m sorry but I would have to say that at least 50% of the people that I know and consider my friends take things personal and this way; they are always ready to have an attitude with people. Now, most of them are not violent but I do have some friends who are ready to fight also and that some people could call violent.

But I’ve never been this way. In fact I give people the benefit of the doubt to a fault, and really that’s my problem. I tend to assume the goodness of everyone and I tend to defend everyone’s activity to some sort of reason or psychological explanation, and quite often to the point that I get taken advantage of or I’m blind to a certain situation that isn’t working in my favor. If I can be honest, this being my nature it’s probably why I get so antagonistic when I find people are taking a vantage of me. But my armory is not fists and sticks; my weapons are words. Especially for someone who I figure I have a certain trust with; if someone who I have considered my friendtake advantage of me, or take me for granted because I evidence a certain kind of innocence to them, I don’t hold back. I will cut them to the core I will attack the very nature of thier being with arguments they cannot deny. not merely crass and superficial insults , I will hit them with the very ideas by which they presume to be so confident and sure of themselves.

People do not like this. People would rather keep things at a distance and Pummel each other with fists and sticks. Violence usually arrives in my small world in this manner; it will be the person who has betrayed my trust who my attack and cut down that who then strike out at me Physically. But this doesn’t happen too often.

Anyways, my opinion of the world is based on the fact that most people I encounter at least through a few upon what is the rest of the world, did not behave sensibly or forest and since we do not rent questions in which they find themselves.

I cannot possibly understand the experience of being African-American in America. Only theoretically and intellectually can I have an understanding. There has been some speculation or some theoretical reason that wants to explain say three large occurrence of hypertension and black males, rapid drug addiction and gang activity in black neighborhoods, domestic violence etc. — that these are caused or they can be attributed to the expanse of being a person of color in United States for 500 years. I’m not going to discount that; it makes sense I can agree with that I don’t have to agree with it but I understand it etc. my experience in the world is to except everyone at face value; it is only in my perceived distance that I’m able to come to the grand proclamations about most of humanity being idiots, even as I do tend to justify that opinion even while I question it and put it to examination in my daily life of coming across people face-to-face. 

But I cannot say that I have had any sort of trauma in my life that is caused me to behave in any certain way. If I have gotten addicted to drugs or I was an alcoholic there is nothing in my life that I can blame to say that oh my parents were alcoholics or my dad was abusive or my mother died when I was young. For me to have an attitude upon other human beings or to assume that they have some sort of agenda to take advantage of me in some sort away — this is not how I go about my life. In fact I spent a good deal of time when I was younger attempting to gain such an attitude because I thought it was normal and that somehow I was not normal that I was too nice to understanding too forgiving. That’s my own brand fuckedupness.

But this is what also allows me to see that the predominant answered of people occupy the space of mental effection that we might properly call non-intelligence. Every sort of bad behavior is explained away and treated against some sort of bad incorrect or wrong thing that happened in their past as those causes are also attributed to historical and cultural factors that were wrong or incorrect or bad. 

And yet I don’t attribute any thing that is ever happened in my life to some sort of bad reason. Perhaps it is my white privilege but pretty much everything that is happened in my life good or bad I just take it to the fact that it happened and then I had to deal with it in someway. If it was wrong it was because somehow I viewed it is wrong or because the people I interact with behaved in such a way that I realize that it was wrong so I adjusted my behavior. Never at any time did I look to my past to find out some ground reason why this might be the case. 

But it is the way of the world that everywhere you go people are attributing their behavior and social events and personal events and people’s behavior to some sort of causal matrix of personal cultural and historical dynamic. 

somehow I’m excluded from this.


So it must be I gather that either I have no intelligence or they have non-intelligence.

more in a bit…

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