Intelligence and idiocy. 

(Note: this post has been voice dictated and largely on edited . Lol)
One can’t be too surprised when there is a large fight at the mall after Christmas, and then that there’s other fights at other malls for whatever chain reaction Evento cause explanation someone wants to give to it. 

And yet it is kind of surprising when there is a large fight at a local mall the day after Christmas because there was so many people at the mall. I think it is really this surprise that I have and then the resultant explanation that goes on in my head and then the juxtaposition of myself that I would never go to the mall north think of going to the mall the day after Christmas- all this that makes me say human beings are fucking idiots.

And then perhaps it is a kind of maturity that begins to see the real state of what a human being is. Maybe we can even equate it in a certain sense to the election of Donald Trump. I think despite all the intellectual applications that want to go into political causes in reasons and strategies of why such as surprising event took place, it really comes down to those of us who presume upon intelligence and some sort of progress of that intelligence as a sort of leader for the rest of humanity — it really comes down to that this intelligent isn’t leading anyone. In fact it could be that this intelligence is really only leading those who think their other certain intelligence to believe that they’re leading the rest of humanity, where as the rest of humanity really behaves along the lines of nothing of the sort that we call or want to believe as a sort of educated intelligence. It may be this reality that people of this so-called intelligence, what I tend to generalize as enlightenment, don’t want to admit. Which is really that human beings are nothing more than animals except that they have this thing called technology that seems to enforce this so-called progress of enlighten meant. Human beings when it comes down to it act stupidly and behave stupidly and come up with reasons for acting in such a way that really make no sense in light of what we might want to call intelligence. We call this common activity this common human being that does things, we want to extrapolate ourselves into this human being is common human being and say that there’s this intelligence going on somewhere inside of them, most likely centered and what we know as a brain, and intelligence that we can appeal to for their irrationality or their stupid Activity. But then you have people getting in a fight at the mall the day after Christmas. Call me simpleminded but whoever engaged in that activity is fucking dumb. Whatever we might want to call intelligence has failed. And whatever cause or explanation we want to put on that and those people as they are part of this common intelligent human being race of sorts, really just functions in the way I just said: it functions to deny that they’re idiots. It functions to include them in the humanity of which we cannot be idiots. It functions to justify my enlightened mind into the common humanity, because if there is an a common humanity then my enlightened mind is not so enlightened. But also, the irony in this whole situation is that there must be a common humanity that I am a part of that did not is that the people at who act in this ridiculous man or are not intelligent, because if they’re acting in such a random way that my enlightened intelligent thinking cannot gain access to nor caused them to behave any differently, then again it might mean that my enlighten mind means nothing at all.

So in a certain way, invested in this type of reasoning is the kind of aristocracy. There is a legitimate argument for the segregation of attributes. The enlightenment would have a common humanity that is able to be educated into intelligence. But what we find is that there are more ignorant then there are intelligent; we find that even as we make this mighty attempt to educate the noble humanity and the ignorant masses of potential, not only do we find that the ignorant masses are growing exponentially quicker than we can educate them, but we are also finding that our category by which we identify or move to promote intelligence fails quicker then we can rectify it into other sorts of categories. For example, I’m sure that there are many people involved in these so-called mall riots Who we could call educated and intelligent. Likewise there are many sports stars who are very educated but likewise do stupid things like beat up their wives or do drugs. Our ability to make new classifications that fall under the heading of the progress of intelligence for education do not develop quick enough to overcome the title wave of ignorance. We want to say then when these things happen too educated intelligent people that some sort of trauma occurred in their past, or they have some sort of physical neurological disorder; we want to say their mom died when they were five; or a Guy jilted her for her best friend when she was 15. We want to say people use drugs because they’re trying to escape something.

But none of these classifications that fall within the bracket of education and intelligence ever account for an aggregate a possibility; at best they are effective only within a small population of the whole. 

so it might be that we have to admit that the aggregate of humanity is in capable of leading itself towards any better future. This or Every type of humanity is capable of moving at south towards a better future, but a better future in reference to its own meaningful designations. Our particular type of enlightenment thinking may just be one of these types of cosmological ordering.

It may well be that the king and queen and class of aristocracy of any type of scaffolding cosmological order functions well in whatever situation of humanity whether it be inclusive andethical towards the lives of the common human being, or whether it be despotic and oppressive. Perhaps there is an a Historical oscillation that we cannot see or refuse to admit. 

But likewise it may be that and admitting of a segregation of a human attributes Mary leads to a sort of caste system such as colonial Europe discovered in India. Perhaps it was not that there was a ruling Brahma cast that subjugated the rest of the castes, but maybe more that there was just a segregation of human attributes and that each caste function within its situation of ability upon a whole social system where in Brahmas just function and likewise within their ordering.
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8 thoughts on “Intelligence and idiocy. ”

  1. Is the historical oscillation unseen and unfelt? And if it is seen and/or felt perhaps, is it being admitted but not in such a dominant way as to reach everyone? And if it were to be admitted to everyone, would it reach them to the level to impact any change? Is ignorance analogous to sleep walking? Can a subject be conscious but have lost all access to anything other than what lacks a term (something that goes out further than Freud’s superego)? Is it possible that a large majority of humans have become so detached from intuition and feeling (compassion and humility) that common sense is something that is only fed to them by technological machines? That touch no longer translates to a sense of compassion.? Our cognitive functions are no longer fed by a mixture of logic with tactile human interaction at a level where we can make sense of logic. (Yes, I will include myself in the “we.” Though I wouldn’t go to the mall for anything). Perhaps, is it possible that our loss of human interaction due to the rapid increase in visual stimuli through technology has taken us to a psychological stage of evolutionary development beyond the superego, blocking access to the other parts of the psyche? When one sees it in others and feels separated, witnessing the decline, are we witnessing ignorance, historical oscillation, the evolution of the mind detached from the heart and the body (a frightening cartesian split), or are they sleep walking? I know I am perhaps half asleep. I feel it deeply at times and then in awakening the pain of ‘what is becoming’ knocks me back into a quiet void- tells me to observe and rest for the time is coming when we will have to reteach all that is being lost. Unless we suddenly wake up and our name is Winston and we find ourseslves trapped in room 101 being reprogrammed. Sorry if I overstepped. I wanted to give you a real comment on a post. These are just things I’ve been thinking.

    1. Well. I asked for it. 😁 thank you. I can’t help but wonder when I see on my stats that people are reading my Posten essays and such, why they are leaving no comments. Because when I think of myself looking at other people’s blogs are usually got something to say; even if it’s just a like star. Lol. And those that I don’t really have anything to say about, well – I just wonder why I get so few comments. Is it because I’m making no sense whatsoever? Is it because I making too much sense and people are sitting there and kind of been astounded daze? Am I beneath consideration?

      It’s so stupid to because I started this blog under the presumption that I would be speaking to probably no one at all. But it’s one thing to have a concept of talking and addressing a subject that very few people probably even know about or have considered or enjoy or even capable of understanding, and it’s another taxi realize that in action. 😝. But for sure I’d rather have quality than quantity.

      And I love people who comment who actually are reflecting upon the essay and attempting to contribute something because it opens up so many doors so many avenues to consider. Your reply here I could probably write a book addressing it.

      But I’ll just start small.

      Dialectics, intuition, awake, asleep.

      My name ask you if you’ve ever considered the failure of what is dialectical?

      I totally get that when it comes it comes hard, and when it’s gone then I worry.

      But I found now that I rely less upon that kind of oscillation.

      Almost to the point that I’ve been able to question what is dialectical.

      And I too had no formal philosophical training, as you may realize they’re reading my earlier posts, that certain authors just made sense to me where other people tended to have a lot of difficulty with them, and I found this curious.

      So far as historical oscillation; I tend to be a little Zizekian . I’m not sure that a human being can access anything that is ‘outside’. That the very idea of outside, that somehow I have a sort of intuition that I am able to follow towards some sort of meaning or combination as yet unknown to me, is itself a condition that leads only to itself. I consider then the idea of time and future, not so much in a positivity of progress toward awakening, if we can say that, but more how the future is foreclosed upon that awakening. Because typically the sort of awakening that I’m referring to here tends to want to say something about achieving something in this world. I ponder when that achievement is actually nothing in the positive sense.

      1. You certainly aren’t beneath consideration. Perhaps, everyone has a different view. Some may be introverted like me and others may be intimidated or not know how to engage in a discourse. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t being read and considered. Most people in my world won’t engage in the philosophical and those that would or do have very little time to do so.

        I’m not certain if I have thought of the failure of what is dialectical in the sense that you are asking or not. (I am not fairly certain as to what sense. There are so many angels to look at that). I have contemplated what may possibly destroy a dialectic. When does negation of negation reach an end? Or if one element of the dialectic is erased. Or pondered how a dialectic may be negated by itself. But in terms of failure of the concept, no. I’m only a little ways into Adorno’s Negative Dialectics. It is a slow read in between work and school.

        I think agree with you in the necessity of an awakening for the future, but I can’t foresee that awakening happening in a universal moment of collective experience. We have been bogged down under so many layers and so many constructions that we awaken only to find we aren’t fully awake yet or that we lack a collective or the resources to psychologically deal with the magnitude of the world that surrounds us. In the concept of not reaching the outside and intuition being as a condition that leads only to itself, but the knowledge you contain – that which seek and that which you create comes partly from your intuition but once you reach that which is unknown, will it still lead only to itself?

        Another strange anecdote. Last night I was musing with my work neighbor on my intuitions of Žižek. And reading his letter announcing he was Eugene Wolters who started the Critical Theory website: when I saw your “comment” post. I have reservations on him, with no doubt that he has positive contributions to make. But to what purpose? Who is he serving? And why does he play games? Testing the waters? Trying to incite life into his theories? I am in no way trying to belittle him. But that was what I was thinking when I came across that letter.

      2. I don’t know. I have to admit it was somewhat clever to troll himself. A little infliction of sadism upon himself as subject then as subject masochoistically taking it. He himself called it a deceptive facade. I need to wait for the book he eluded to in that letter to understand the motive behind the experent he was conducting. It feels somewhat off. But I won’t write him off.

      3. Im not following… maybe i missed something. You were pondering Zizek with this friend… then u found out he had this blog.

        Seems theres alot going on in ur backround head that only comes out in pieces.

        Maybe u need to post the story. Lol. 🙃🙂

      4. I wouldn’t dare post a story on Zizek. It would get google hits and attract attention to my blog. Lol. I want to stay in my introverted shadow as much as possible. Lol

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