The Conspiracy of Freedom. 

I watch some of the video that I will repost below from Deus Nexus.

Now, I won’t deny that there is an inequality in this world and that there are people in power that assert control over others at every level. I will not deny that there is oppression and subjugation that there are various amounts of freedom throughout the world.

But when viewing a conspiracy theory like in the video below, my question is really what kind of reality or world would we have if there was no oppession of the type conveyed in the video. If there was no mind control what type of freedom would we have? What is a mind that isn’t controlled by some outside situation? Who or where are these people that somehow lay outside of this mind control that are implementing the mind control around other people? From where does the system of mind control arise such that some people have freedom and then other people have an illusion of freedom? 

What is this elusive state of existence where in the mind is free?

What kind of being could we call human in such a state? 


Anonymous: If This Doesn’t Open Your Eyes Nothing Will

The latest Anonymous message to the global public.

Anonymous, elites, mind control

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