Addiction and the Pusher.

People are most often more concerned with short-term happiness than long-term prosperity.

Perhaps Thats why Trump won; he caters to  the immidiate fix that appeals to the addicted mind. The addicted mind justifies the future in the gaining of what he needs right now.

And where does the addict find herself 10 years later?

Worse than she ever was.

Its gonna be interesting…
The following may be relevant in this regard:


Rex Tillerson and the new transnational oligarchy

Mark Beeson, University of Western Australia If it weren’t quite so serious it would be funny. A man who styles himself as a champion of the common people, who he claims have been shamefully neglected by out-of-touch, uncaring elites, plans to stuff his cabinet with billionaires. The nomination of Rex Tillerson, chief executive of ExxonMobil, […]

Russia, billionaires, China, Donald Trump, Mark Beeson, Rex Tillerson, secretary of state, transnational oligarchy, CIA, US politics, global ruling class


  1. Yes, “immediate gratification.” Reminds me of C S Lewis defining sin as a “preference for an immediate satisfaction over a ‘believed in’ pattern of glory.

    1. I do hope Trump can do the good things he says, while also the ‘sane’ people of congress keeping his idiocy in check.

      But i fear that its gonna be like having a party while eveything is going to shit. The rich will get expinentially richer while making the short sughted average citizen feel good for a munite. Better pay, etc… but at what cost? When the rich have raped the average person enough, we will be in a shittier hole than we are now because the power will have just dug themselfes in deeper, wielding more ‘absolute’ power.

      My fear anyways.

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