Badiou on the current situation. 

A return to the terrible contradiction is another way of saying a reinstatement of true transcendental essence, over an unquestioned basis for true reality. 

Presently I’m considering the possibilities that surround nationalism, that nationalism in our current state tends to assess the situation in terms of stagnancy, of a return to some sort of fundamental or traditional norm, some past glory. This is always placing the transcendent in a type of God fixture that is not taking place in the moment, but is rather attempting to solidify the object of the effect of God anachronistically into a sort of false reality, as if we can make this a reality more true by repeat installing a past fixture. And this is really what he’s talking about so far is Weimar. 

But of course we should understand what I’m saying here, so far is God, as a mythological affect more than some religious cosmological truth. A crisis of the subject is really a crisis of its fantasy, which is really a symptom of mythological dissolution.

REPOST, Here’s what Badiou got to say:
Alain Badiou on Our Recent Elections

We can do some­thing. And we must do, because if we do noth­ing at all, we are only in the fas­cin­a­tion, the stu­pid­ity of fas­cin­a­tion… —Alain Badiou Badiou’s view of the Left’s Bankruptcy and where we might go from here. After reading his speech I ask myself if we are enacting pre-Weimer Germany but on […]

alain badiou


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