“The Badlands” – New single from the upcoming album by The Covert Sound Philosophy.

Hear it here first !https://www.reverbnation.com/widget_code/html_widget/artist_723043?widget_id=55&pwc%5Bsong_ids%5D=27005204&context_type=song&spoid=artist_723043&pwc%5Bbranded%5D=1


I am so powerful.

That’s what the prophets say of me about my breadth.

That I’d circumnavigate the globe

touch both poles

and conduct


along the currents of my death.


Cuz I’m in control.

Though life does take its toll by the kicking down doors,

cracking the glass by throwing stones,

storming down grimy roads

instead of stepping through portals.

Rolling in the mud instead of grass.

By some twist of fate I always seem to kick off the future

by strumming of the past.


And I lie in the fields of the damned.

cursing as I kneel to the world that binds my hands.

Searching through the careless for one that understands

that I’m alone…




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