On the Field(s).

I am inspired here to suggest that this view opens ‘spirituality’ upon two orientations, and maybe a third: A ‘structured’ spirit of definitude and progress; A ‘silhouette’ spirit of moment and process. Like a quantum field, One is not more true than the other, One does not account for the other in any better way, One is not reducible to the other except that either are always reducible to the other. Religion and spirituality. 

On the Field(s)

Man and man’s earth are unexhausted and undiscovered. Wake and listen! Verily, the earth shall yet be a source of recovery.              —Friedrich Nietzsche ,  Zarathustra A dynamic impression in constant metamorphosis, connection, disconnection, absorption, diffusion,  sedimentation, erosion – the specific patterns and connections that may exist in the field are not the only possible alliances: […]

environment, ecology, nature, field


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