The Unbearable Smugness of Being Enlightened.

Some more reflection upon recent events in the US:

This report (below) is by a guy who works for CBS, and is talking about the press (hence: the smugness of the press). But one of the ironies of what I will generalize as the ‘enlightened mind’ is that (with reference to Kierkegaard) in speaking particularly, meaning can sometimes resonate to encompass a larger application.

My point here is that is/was not just that the press that was being smug, but I was too. I am a white male who can be loosely classified as a progressive enlightened agent (with a hint of sarcasm: In so much as I may be progressive I am really saying that my views stem toward what is regressive philosophically (what??)). And this is of course in contrast to Donald. Please look at my previous post of Agent Swarm . My political view was eclipsed by my personal view. What I mean by this is that I wonder if most people can discern one from the other of themselves, meaning, their personal from their politics. My personal view is a sensitive view, a view that really tries to reach the other, to understand it, to not offend it, to thereby maybe be able to bring about some sort of better future; but I could not understand Donald because he was offending me, and he was offending me because I could not understand him.

I am not sure whether I understand him now, but I think I might (again, see the Agent Swarm). But at least to say the people have spoken regardless of what ‘the press’ or the ‘smart people’ might think, and the world is not coming to an end; the system worked and it is still working.

“If we want to get a better idea about what’s going on in America, we’re going to have to embrace humility.”

via CBS Commentary: The Unbearable Smugness of the Press — Deus Nexus

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