Forgetting Priviledge. 

I can’t help but wonder… 

The other day on NPR they were interviewing somebody about our election in the US and they said blah blah blah ‘this political crisis’blah blah blah. And I couldn’t help but wonder, are we in a political crisis? 

I’m not really sure I know what this woman meant. I mean I know what she meant but in thinking about it I’m not sure that were in a political crisis. And what I mean by this is that our system is made upon disagreement; The point of our system is to have people who disagree who agree upon an overreaching principal. I think that’s the whole thing; As Americans we agree that there is a higher principal for the sake of the good of the people, and this principle is that we agree to have a system where by disagreement still allows for the maintenance of the system. 

The problem nowadays is people have gotten relaxed in their Americanism; they do not understand what it means ‘we hold these principles to be self evident ‘.  Nowadays people think that the Constitution means I have been divinely set into this place with a righteousness and ability to proclaim upon everyone else. 

Because regardless of how the election turns out I am afraid that there’s going to be a whole section of the population that feels like they were jilted or swindled. It is these people I call idiots. The only way you can have paranoia and righteous absolutes is when you get relaxed in your democratic humanity, that is when you stop becoming involved and grateful that we have this country, and start to sit on your plus couch and expect that you should be allowed to have a flatscreen high definition TV with Internet. 

America has become a religion; make America great again? Again? Why again? Why not still? 

And the problem is is maybe most of these people that I am indicating occupy a certain strata of the populace that wouldn’t even understand what I’m saying in this essay if they were to read it. 

What makes America great is that we have a system that we agree upon whereby people disagree. 

But now people are deep disagreeing upon what they see as religious principles of their self righteousness.
I am more afraid of religion then I am of corrupt politicians. At least the corrupt politicians are working the system. 

The people who forget that they have placed themselves in a position of essential privilege are the ones that I’m afraid of. 

The ones who have gained for themselves a position in politics in a governmental system through use of the system fairly I’m not so much afraid of. 

The political crisis could be that people’s religious frame of reckoning is being held to account by the real social system of democracy. Religion should be separate from state and regardless of philosophical speculation such as I has made about reality being a religion, religious fanaticism should be held in check for the good of the people of the United States of America. The problem I think is the conflict that arises between fundamentalist positions that would say that this is a Christian nation. 

I hope we can pull out of it but then again nationalism just may be an anachronism and we may be well be in another moment of transition. 

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