OOO And Zizek through Blake 

But i wont say ooo is dead yet.   The spirit may be destitute but Is God really dead?  As a route, it may be less a dead end than an acknowledgment of real estimates.  REPOST: HARMAN/SWEDENBORG: Zizek is rightIn Graham Harman’s OOO real objects are invisible, inaudible, intangible, unimaginable, unknowable and indescribable. There is no […]

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Were All Going to Hell.

And by the time we would have remembered, we will of forgotten. Over and over. The contradiction lay exactly in my want versus my needs.  Sad days up there. Everywhere.  But also: What does tradition and progress mean?  REPOST:  Feudalistic Corporate Empire vs. First Americans? Little has been represented in the Feudalistic Corporate Media of […]

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Badiou on the current situation. 

A return to the terrible contradiction is another way of saying a reinstatement of true transcendental essence, over an unquestioned basis for true reality.  Presently I’m considering the possibilities that surround nationalism, that nationalism in our current state tends to assess the situation in terms of stagnancy, of a return to some sort of fundamental […]

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