The Purge. 

There is just too much to read and too little time. One needs take, I suppose, The method I learned in undergraduate: you get knowledgeable and you focus upon a specific thing, you narrow your focus and become knowledgeable and intelligent upon a small area. 


We will indeed see what the future hold but probably I won’t see it because I’ll be gone. While I tend to agree with this short example from the post below, That there is going to be some sort of purge in a manner of speaking, i’m somewhat skeptical that we will lose anything we call human except so far as we call ourselves something else, which is to say except as I might not be driving a Hyundai any longer but will be riding in a Cadillac, The merging of humanity into some other form due to a I and or technology  merely yields more human, i’ll be at defined do the conventions of the day.  Where are we human when we hunted and gathered? Where we still human when we developed firearms? How about when we came up with industry and mass production? How about when the Internet came along where we still human? 

I’d say that in every moment and every era there is always some sort of grand thing that humanity is going to do that is going to either destroy humanity or transform it into something entirely different and unrecognizable. I’d say that this is a feature of being human that it overreacts over determines under determines and does everything I can not to accept what is right in front of it. 


Re-reading R. Scott Bakker: The Post-Intentional World

Was re-reading R. Scott Bakker’s post on Reza Negarestani, The Blind Mechanic II: Reza Negarestani and the Labour of Ghosts. A couple of quotes: Knowledge is no universal Redeemer, which means the ideal of Enlightenment autonomy is almost certainly mythical. What’s required isn’t an aspiration to theorize new technologies with old concepts. What’s required is […]
I might add though that we should hesitate in positing a single absolute reference. Foreign aid through time there has been drastic changes in the condition of being human that indeed has made successive generations be calm effectively unrecognizable to previous, but as well as sort of movement that makes the expansion of a past humanity likewise effectively foreign to its present considerings. 

But the issue involved really is how we might be able to even consider, say, ancient Egyptian. On one level it seems obvious that human beings that existed in ancient Egypt are not unrecognizable to us. And actually if were positing any sort of future human being that might be unrecognizable to ourselves in the present we are doing nothing more than extrapolating are present forces for such catastrophe or such disconnection. At worst it is not that the ancient Egypt shins are unrecognizable to us, but more partially hidden. In fact we can only say that it is indeed their humanity that we recognize all the time all through history all through cultures all through the Human technological advances. To say that somehow we’ve reached some sort of saturation is really just being involved in the motion of singularity that human consciousness produces at every moment. I’ll talk about this more in my upcoming book. 

We will be that we are on the precipice of a technology that we remove humanity from itself or cause it to become something unrecognizable to us today, but I would say the same thing happened when I fell sleep last night and then I woke up this morning. I said happens every time I get on a computer and it doesn’t do what I want to do. Oh catastrophe happens. All my past fears about technology and my ignorance of coding and how applications work and how the Internet works and how I don’t know how to run certain applications that I use every day in their totality. Every moment of my using a computer I’m extrapolating into that knowledge that knowing of computers and the Internet my fears and my ignorance and I projected out upon the Internet in various ways depending on my mood and attitude at the time. Then when I see him often to be most calm and most comfortable and most prepared to do something new on the computer, when I have told myself hurt myself thoroughly for the fact that I’m not going to know entirely how this is supposed to go nor how to do it but that I will take the time and have the patience to investigate and learn about this new thing that I’m doing or using or attempting. And no sooner do I begin to do it then I’m ready to take a bat to my computer. Lol. Call me repressed and dysfunctional. Lol. I don’t really care. But at certain times it doesn’t matter how much preparation or how much meditation or how much forethought goes in to being prepared for whatever situation, at certain times all my fears will have been realized, and I will be just a hairs breadth away from throwing my computer out the window, running downstairs stomping on Garnet jumping on it grabbing my bat and smashing it all the while flipping off as hardest I can those people who invented computers and the Internet in the first place and demand that I need to know the certain set of skills. I’ve become absolutely psycho pathetic. 

Know if we’re going to come to terms with what a purge might mean, I think it really means purging the idea that we’re going to somehow purge ourselves from being human. Again I have not read bakers stuff fully so I can’t know really everything he says or his entire argument, but I would say that what will be purged is his idea that somehow we can be more than him or something other than human. I will agree on a certain level that human beings are manifested in this world and different ways at different times, even to say that to reduce this president into some sort of ever presence is likewise merely overdetermination what it is to be human as if somehow I’ve overcome some real humanity to come to some true existence of world. 

The intelligence artificial or not that humanity is developing through technology is nothing different then being human: it is a human thing, in the same way as this tree right here is a human thing and this grass and this sign and this car: these are human designations. What they are in themselves we might never really know because everything is involved with human being. It’s when we take this being here we want to say oh I have access to something that is more than human or that will be beyond human that we get into the realm of the mythological. 

Even if I was Darth Vader with three quarters of my body made up of technology still humanity will have determined this outcome and the situation in meaning. 
We can never Escape being human. The purge should be the escape from this ever present Escape patch of human consciousness. 

But this will never happen and I will prove it to you 50 years from now. 

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