I am not sure what occurred here. Since I cannot be sure unless people speak to me directly, I have then to respond in kind in general, under an assumption that the REPOST below is way too ironic. I suppose that may be a luxury of postmodern anachronism; who can really know ? In the end, even Hitler hid in his bunker. 

Did I mention that I am a little insane?

I remember a while ago I had a friend who was Christian. Some of the things I would say would offend him because I am not a Christian (more a ‘free spirit’) but being that he was less a born again evangelist and more a ‘spiritual’ kind of ‘Christian-esque’ Christian, he would mainly just express his Spiritual humility. But we were good friends.

One day I said something that he really took offense at. I don’t remember what exactly I said, but I do remember what I said to his response:

“If The world ended today and God came down to judge me I would stand before him chin up and look Him in the eye and say ‘Judge me. I have done nothing wrong.’

That didn’t sit too well with my friend. 

I have since modified my attitude (I’m still not Christian though 😉

It is interesting to me that on the blog AGENT SWARM, Terrence is often talking about open discourse and free exchange, but at times (below) he frames in with reference to how others are not having it, how he want to inspire and motivate open dialogue while other authors do not wish to engage freely. I cannot but wonder…

Do I not clean my house first? 

What is a free exchange of ideas?

           But I think first we must ask what an idea is. Some initial considerations:
Is an idea ‘owned’ by anyone? 

Do I ponder ideas only through ideas legitimized by an established order?

What constitutes a novel idea?

Can two people express the same idea through different terms?

Do different clausal structures identify necessarily different things?

When did ‘the idea’ begin?

Am I limited in my ability to think freely by what terms others have used before me?

If I do not conform my ideas about a subject to what others have already said about it, am I involved in a free exchange of ideas ?

Must I learn the traditional modes before I improvise with skill? 

Do I find God or do I find the Church?

If I repeat an idea someone else had, does it mean I got it from them?

If I must use others terms’ in order to speak intelligently about a subject, am I still involved in a free exchange of ideas? 

Am I able to have an idea that is the same as another person that does not use the terms that he or she used to describe it? 

Am I using discourse freely or is discourse defining what is true for me? 

Am I trapped by discourse, or is discourse taken to mean a whole unitive reality wherein I may be free?

If I have a case that you cannot understand, and will not work to understand, are you still in a free exchange of ideas with me? Do either of us gain from allowing a suspension of misunderstanding? 

Do I reflect unto what terms might mean, or do I take terms as identifiers of what and who I am?

Am I free to move about the building, or am I free to move wherever ?

Must I take the stairs?

Is the free exchange of ideas limited by my own insecurities, or is the exchange defined in the security of others definition of the free exchange? 

Am I complaining about another person or myself?
As Terrence has expressed many times: It is a tragedy when people shut down the conversation merely because they do not want to be involved in the free exchange of ideas.
Can someone help me to clarify where I am mistaken? 
Sometimes one begins a conversation on social networks and after a few short exchanges it suddenly stops, your interlocutor rejects what you have been saying with a short sharp rejoinder, like a verbal slap in the face. What is to be done? Such is life. My reply is simple: This is not up to the […]

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  1. Hello Lance, do not worry you were not the target. Given that I spent some time working on my experience to transmute it into something more general it seems a pity to explain it by turning it back into a specific occasion. So no comment there. However, the kind of experience I was thinking of is a discussion on social networks with a relatively unknown person who seems to want to exchange arguments and to consider objections and who after you have worked to express your ideas in terms they can understand suddenly tell you in a short nasty sentence that everything you have said is crap. We all have known this experience, it is quite frequent, yet we continue to blog, etc. Are we crazy? My answer is no, because serendipity exists and we know it, we have had that experience too, even if it is rare.

    A free exchange is one that has no fixed dogma regulating it or imposed by one of the partners, that is open to serendipity and to transformation. I am no expert, but I have been thinking and reading about these things for decades. I have made many mistakes, I have been through many metamorphoses both big and small. I have “swept my house” constantly, as you know there are ways of doing this. But when some stranger comes in and pretends to sweep my house with me but begins to throw everything out and tries to dynamite the walls they are no longer welcome.

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