More Star Wars philosophical analogy.

Ill start this one off with a tiny refresher:

“Now the point to be made here is let’s assume for the sake of the story that this is actually what’s occurring, for the story. That in the story world there is actually this contested governing body that rules over 1.5 million worlds, and 50 million galaxies. In this universe then power is enacted through systems that trickle down into the local social and political bodies. The effective governing body occurs because of the localized mechanisms of the system. We might figure that this is what the force is or the Darkside of the force, The manner by which such a system stays coherent ; but we will get to that later . ” – Weird Reality: Star Wars. 

I think that the success of Star Wars might have less to do with how in the 70’s its struck upon a sleeping want for Sci-Fi Fantasy, and more to do with how close it reflects the actuality of our real situation. Its like we intuitively, sub-consciously, love to watch our exact situation placed in another context.

I love Start Wars, don’t get me wrong; I am of “A New Hope” Star Wars generation, I was the marketers’ target at 7 years old when it came out in 1977. Every entertainment asks one to uphold some kind of reasonable doubt and not look to closely at the play. I am drawing an analogy; I am not critiquing the inconsistencies of the story.

Nevertheless —

I have difficulty with the sheer magnitude involved with Star Wars, as I pointed out in the first installment post linked above.

What do I think of when I think of Star Wars? One of the first things that comes to mind is the Force. The Force is the central and motivating theme that draws all players into the action of the drama.

It does not take too much thought about it to make a correlation that without the Force, there is no Galactic Empire nor Galactic Democracy. Aside from the story as a story, in and for the story, The force is that which allows for the story to be told.

And this is no secret. The force is that which surrounds us and find the galaxy together. So if we can keep just today first story and how it was presented and then we can also explain the subsequent eight chapters likewise. It’s not difficult to draw an analogy between the story of Star Wars and our contemporary philosophy itself.


Lets just hang with the Start Wars fiction a bit to realize the sheer vastness of the Star Wars universe.

Take the conservative estimate of 1 million members of the Galactic empire/republic. The plotline of the main Star Wars movies really concerns the government of this size. How big is this ?

I looked online for U.S. cities that have a 1 million population. There are many cities in the world that are exceedingly large, but we are just getting a feeling for what it might mean to have a government of 1 million representatives. I am familiar with San Jose, which is listed as near 1 million.

Now, the city of San Jose is listed as about 200 square miles. Roughly, that is 10 miles X 20 miles in size. Another way to think about it; it is conceivable to drive in a car 100 miles up the coast in Southern California, from San Diego to Malibu and never get out of the city. Along that drive, there is very little rural area.

I mention this to point out that we are not thinking about the governing of 1 million people; we are thinking about a governing body of 1 million. The sheer quantity of people in 200 square miles of American city is nearly inconceivable, let alone to think about a governing body of that size. Further; we are not speaking of a bureaucracy of that size; the bureaucracy would be exponentially larger.

We are getting into very, very large numbers of human beings. How might such a body function effectively?

It appears we would need a governing body just to organize the governing body. Think about this! How effectively is San Jose governed? Fairly well, we can say, but with what caveats? I mean this to say that the 1 million people as a civility is governed, but can we say that everyone in that city is law abiding? Does everyone play by the ‘same rules’? Obviously not.

So, how could we have a governing body for a governing body that is that large. How would anything get accomplished? Especially the governing of a million plus worlds?


One problem we encounter inevitably is that many people reading this will put it aside as a silly comment on a fictional story.

Please keep in mind that I am not making a comment about the validity or consistency of the Star Wars story.

Another problem has to do with the idea about such a large population, and governing body concerning it.

Rest assured; humanity will reach such numbers.

How can I say this? Because of the limit involved with human knowledge.

More in a bit.

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