What is Real? 

In my work , I endeavor to be as clear as possible to the most people and as large as range … More


Song writer considers what Obama might be thinking right now: Seriously

The Purge. 

There is just too much to read and too little time. One needs take, I suppose, The method I learned … More

The Double.

I am also reading “Witches Werewolves and Fairies” by Claude  Lacouteux. And i like this part:  i am becomming more … More

Yes. Philosophy?

Philosophy, which, according to Aristotle, begins in wonder has embraced pedantry and protocols and office charts. Can it be saved … More

Definition of Object. 

“an object is a postmodern subject” -Lance Kair.  Granted I’m not laying out my whole theoretical base here in these … More

Ontological Robustity ;) 

What makes an ontology “robust”?It often happens to me that when I begin using a term ironically, it eventually works … More