Limits and limits. 

Over at Deus Nexus he or she posts all sorts of stuff that lay right on the margin. I think most people like to stay right in the middle right solidly in the middle and make appraisals of all sorts of things in and judgments upon what is rational and real and logical actual, but over there at Deus she he talks about all sorts of stuff. Some of it admittedly I kind a roll my eyes at but I love that it’s there, and some of it falls into the realm of what I like to talk about and what I think is pertinent. 

In the early 90s a friend of mine was all into J. Krishnamurti and he was all about hey man you should read this guy he’s really got some cool things to say. So I remember reading a couple of his books, because my friend had like I don’t know five or six of his books he kept getting his books. But I remember reading a couple and they’re like lectures or reprints of talks that he had where people would ask questions and he would answer them. But I remember reading it and I remember talking to my friend and thinking it totally funny that the whole book with Krishnamurti saying the same thing. The various people ask questions and Krishnamurti would basically answer them with the same answer but phrasing it in a different way according to what question that I asked. I thought it was hilarious. 

Nowadays I’ve come to have something to say of my own, and in this I tend to hesitate at the human ability to frame situations. Words like ‘transcendence’ and ‘immanence’ Bring me to halt. ‘Ineffable’ is another of these terms. Here’s the definition of it: 

” in·ef·fa·ble:



too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

“the ineffable natural beauty of the Everglades”

synonyms: indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words, beyond description, begging description; More

not to be uttered.

“the ineffable Hebrew name that gentiles write as Jehovah”

Now, I don’t know about you guys but I think this word just as an example is contradiction manifest, because even in the simple definition of unable of being described the word ineffable is proposed to describe that situation of the thing that can’t be described. What that means to me is that the word itself is insufficient, that the meaning that it is supposed to be inscribing of a situation event or object is incorrect. Now think about this. Ineffable is supposed to mean that it can’t be described, yeah I’m saying that that very definition the meaning of the term is incorrect. Now I don’t mean to be indicating a reversal, as if it really means that it can be described — that is irony and that is what the conventional sense of the word relays to us. No I mean to say that the word itself in the instance that we are taking that word to mean something that is actually beyond our ability to comprehend or know of it, is by contrast indicating two elements of being human. 

One element is that despite what we might say or think we know so as to indicate a limit of our knowledge, we are really implying and working on the opposite notion. If I say that ‘I don’t know ‘ and somehow mean it as some actual situation some true situation of my human being existent here, then I’m founding myself in a situation that is inherently contradicting to that situation that I am proposing to be in command of knowing or not knowing thereof. 

The second element is that our ability to know, which is to say thinking itself, is indeed somehow linked to a true condition of the universe. And this is to say in no foggy terms that we cannot have a thought without a correspondent transcendental communing that thereby gains for us that confidence for the known thing. 

So I’m not going to go on this line at this moment but just seeding some ideas right now. 

In the considering of the re-post below I just wanted to note the contradiction inherent in the conversation itself even as we might think that Jay Krishnamurti and the Bohm might be talking about actual true intelligences and possibilities beyond our regular living lives, The very discussion for closes itself and only indicates the situation of the being human in itself. And I believe it is this kind of contradiction that we need to come to terms with. Not coming to terms with how small we are in the universe or how limited we are in our knowledge, but exactly that our knowledge is indicating only itself. In one sense we can agree with Stephen Hawking, but I would say inasmuch as we agree with Stephen Hawking, we are fully invested in the reality of spiritual agents of transcendence. 

That being said I like Jay Krishnamurti.  🙃😊🙃

REPOST: Intelligence Beyond Thought

In 1980 Indian spiritual philosopher J. Krishnamurti met with physicist David Bohm to talk about “insight, illusion, awakening, transcendence, renewal, morality, the temporal, and the spiritual.”

awakening, consciousness, mind, spirit

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My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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