If there was ever a question…

…Capitalism is marked as a Culture of death.


One has to wonder about intoxication. It seems to me the point of intoxication is to get high to feel good to have a good time. What does it say when people’s idea of getting high is to find the drug that brings the most close to death and a high probability of dying. Because this is exactly what occurs in the heroin community; people do not run from this drug, they run to it,  it’s what they want. 

Now think about the etymology of the word. ‘Heroin’ comes from the Latin for hero, I think it is really the German word for hero, because heroin and opium in general makes you feel great. Despite its strictly medicinal uses, opiates make you feel fucking good. But it is only when you do too much that you get nauseas or find the typical nodded out user. It seems like there may be some sort of short circuit going on in users that use heroin for the sole purpose of nodding out,  basically becoming unconscious, because the feeling right before one goes unconscious is missed because they end up unconscious. 

If we can consider society and its wholeness, we cannot reduce individual behavior to some sort of individual free agency of choice; free agency is a political designation. So philosophically speaking if we don’t limit ourselves to further categories of classifications as if they are dealing with essential universal elements, elements that somehow lay outside of a mythological cosmology,  we can find no mere coincidence in the idea of destitution of spirit and the culture of death. 

Carfentanil is elephant tranquilizer
Surge in overdose from carfentanil

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