Deficit voting. 

Perhaps for this presidential election we should have two options for each candidate, yes and no. 
That way we don’t have to vote for either but we can vote to not elect either also. 

I wouldn’t have to vote for Hillary but I could vote not to elect Trump. 

This could solve the conundrum that many people have because they don’t really want to vote for either candidate. Maybe would be a more clear choice to not place a vote for one candidate but place a negative vote for the other

I think it would add a whole new dynamic because then a bunch of people voting know what effectively negate certain people that are voting yes for whichever candidate, yet without adding a yes vote. 


    1. Share it. I think it’s fucking great. It’ll mess with everyone’s head. It’ll make everyone feel more empowered in a situation where they already feel disempowered, and I think it will give a more true picture of what’s really occurring.

      Maybe just the picture that it would grant would allow for an opening of more than two parties.

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