One of his slides says 2013, but maybe it’s just the picture that’s from 2013 and this vid from recently. But even so…

Pretty interesting what he’s talking about what is introducing, but we might hear a certain resonance to Francios Laruelle, and indeed at least my last few posts at 14:15. 

For we are not dealing necessarily with a unitive reality, so to speak. But states of being that indeed are weird and strange to our every day living and the concepts that we use to negotiate that. 

Quantum Computing – Artificial Intelligence Is Here

The CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

quantum physics, artificial intelligence, Quantum Computing

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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