Weird Reality: Star Wars. 

And no, i’m not talking about the multi vocality involved in all the species and races in the Cantina and in Jabba the Hutt’s palace. 

And I’m not going to mention the clones that make up the army of the empire. 

Nor the possibilities involved in the AI of droids. 

Let’s talk about the ridiculousness of the basic plot. 

Here we have a body of galaxies planets cultures people’s races that are basically, we should gather, associated mostly by trade. But not just this, Think about how many galaxies and planets are involved in the story. Let’s go with the conservative estimate of 50 million of the empire (Site). 50 million. If we could even grant that only a portion of those galaxies had their own species and intelligent life on them but say there was 1 million members of the galactic counsel (the Site indeed says 1.5), 1 million representatives, each representing A planet with probably not one civilization, but most likely at least a couple societies on each planet. Think about our planet. What’s imagine that every Countrywas part of NATO, and One of NATO’s responsibilities was to elect a representative of the PLANET in the galactic council. Even if I didn’t have to elect one representative but maybe one group of representatives, just the bureaucratic operations would be incomprehensibly complex and immense. 

Are you beginning to have a perspective upon the Setting of the story of Star Wars? 

Lets think about it now. Never mind all the movies’ protagonists and antagonists, which could say constitute a total of what 60 people/ creatures. 

But let’s just take example of the first movie chapter 4: A New Hope, because this is sufficient to give us an idea of what I’m really getting at. 

The conflict involved with Star Wars is over who or what organization rules the Known Universe. It would’ve been much easier to consider this plausible if the empire was like five planets or 10 planets maybe even 50 planets. If there were so few we might be able to actually grasp what sort of governing body could exist to have any real effect upon the governed, and vice versa. We might be able to feel democracy over a 50 planet state, and likewise feel the constraint of the effects of a dominating Emperor. But 1.5 million member planets? 50 million galaxies?!?! 

The story of Star Wars is talking about like five people that are presuming upon the presence of 50 million galaxies. 

Now the point to be made here is let’s assume for the sake of the story that this is actually what’s occurring, for the story. That in the story world there is actually this contested governing body that rules over 1.5 million worlds, and 50 million galaxies. In this universe then power is enacted through systems that trickle down into the local social and political bodies. The effective governing body occurs because of the localized mechanisms of the system. We might figure that this is what the force is or the Darkside of the force, The manner by which such a system stays coherent ; but we will get to that later . 

That way it allows the mechanism to remain so localized at least from the empire standpoint is this dark force energy. But that’s neither here nor there for this point. 

Let’s just assume that that is the case that there is this leviathan of a system that either functions democratically for the people in creatures, or despotically for the sake of the emperor. 

My question concerns the connection between the upper echelon of government and the bodies that govern. But pacifically the effect of the individual and localized people and group culture it’s effect on the government. Think again about 50 million galaxies or my even radically conservative estimate of 1 million government bodiesstrewn over thousands of thousandsthousands of light years of time and distance. 

What possible relation could exist between the upper strata of the governing body and the people that are governed? The daily activities of say one community on one planet would be so far removed from the actual story of Star Wars has to be almost non-consequential and nonexistent. Yet for those communities on the planet their daily activities would be involved in the comings and going’s of their livelihood and happiness. Their activity of advocating their livelihood would at best be situated within a scheme of continental effect. We cannot imagine that Single representative of a world could possibly be concerned with whether or not my dog is pooping on government grounds, or that I make my living by keeping the grass green. Then by extrapolation this one representative of this one world within The group of 1 million representatives at the galactic council — 

It could appear that we are already beginning to enter this type of situation of government. 

But hold on we get even deeper into the rabbit hole…

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