Laruelle and The ‘Speculative realist’? 

Is this an offhand comment about the Speculative Realists and OOO ?? You be the judge.  (from "Christo-fiction"): It appears to me that he suggesting that this science of which he talks about will be able to account for the 'speculative 'ability. Indeed, this is exactly what I will do in speaking of <a href="">the… Continue reading Laruelle and The ‘Speculative realist’? 


Anxiety and Addiction: A cypher of the real method. 

-- A Concept of Anxiety. (A nod to Soren's genius.  With some Hegelian nonsense also 😛) Anxiety can be said to arise as a type of synthesis of thesis and anti-thesis. In very concrete terms the problem that exists between 'I should do this but I can't do this'. Anxiety arises as a third factor in… Continue reading Anxiety and Addiction: A cypher of the real method. 

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The destruction of the transcendent. 

Evidence and verification.  The beginning of this blog began with my question upon L of why he's using jargon to convey a simple idea; in short why is he in bad faith. It is not difficult for one to notice when they read my early essays of this blog that I had very little practical… Continue reading The destruction of the transcendent.