Laruelle and The ‘Speculative realist’? 

Is this an offhand comment about the Speculative Realists and OOO ?? You be the judge.  (from “Christo-fiction”): It appears to me that he suggesting that this science of which he talks about will be able to account for the ‘speculative ‘ability. Indeed, this is exactly what I will do in speaking of <a href=”″>the […]

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Limits and limits. 

Over at Deus Nexus he or she posts all sorts of stuff that lay right on the margin. I think most people like to stay right in the middle right solidly in the middle and make appraisals of all sorts of things in and judgments upon what is rational and real and logical actual, but […]

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If there was ever a question…

…Capitalism is marked as a Culture of death. Carfentanil. One has to wonder about intoxication. It seems to me the point of intoxication is to get high to feel good to have a good time. What does it say when people’s idea of getting high is to find the drug that brings the most close […]

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