Colonizing Rock and Roll (on the surface). 

Some might say that rock ‘n’ roll is a product of the colonizing
Westbut I would think it be more proper to say that rock ‘n’ roll was a reaction to the normalizedregular predictableMundaneand rank-and-file of modern progress


Like every random crass and chaotic act, is not difficult to see how rock ‘n’ roll it’s self has been colonized. We might even say that it is a symbol of the last bastion of freedom, where freedom itself in the process of having conflict with the self-awareness of freedom has finally relinquished it’s chaos for The denial of regularity. 

Now I don’t mean to pick on This Band in particular; I am sure the live action of their shows defies the constrained recorded version of their songs, and I’m sure though music and rock ‘n’ roll has indeed embraced it’s business side of things more confidently then the members of bands themselves have in the past, such rock ‘n’ roll bands hailing to their historical mentors of hard rock do most likely have a certain air of this rock ‘n’ roll attitude that people hold so dear. 

And I’m not particularly picking on a certain style of rock ‘n’ roll or even the straightforward traditional 345 piece rock ‘n’ roll band. 

It is more the modern media version of the music industry that seems to indicate best what is occurred. 

Again it is not so much that perhaps this band is not cool, good or not really rockin. It is more that it is so simple to do. And I don’t mean this like you don’t have to practice to get good, or even that it takes good songwriting skills. It’s that the it’s become formulaic, but more that any band can get together and spend the money and get in a studio and write up a review to put on the Internet and…ta da! It is that such music has become just as routine is having a House plant in your living room. It only matters what category you want to fit in, and a certain amount of people will probably like it, and you will probably be able to make a certain kind of living off being in a rock ‘n’ roll band. Perhaps I’m saying that the risk is been minimalized and so rock ‘n’ roll itself has become destitute of, perhaps,authenticity. 

But this is nothing new. Frank Zappa back in the late 60s early 70s was already proclaiming that rock is dead. And the Who ‘long live rock’! Even the punks who had sought to read juvenate rock ‘n’ roll, by the early 80s was proclaiming, on one hand the band Crass yelling punk is dead, and on the other hand, The Exploited also yelling that Punk’s not dead. I mean; whats really going on? 

It seems now that we have fully excepted that every artistic form will never achieve the freedom it likes to proclaim, this generation proceeds anyways under brackets, within parentheses, with tongue cemented to the side of once cheek, in denial while at the same time because of the full recognition of times past functioning in a type of ironic recognition. 

Just consider what is occurring when we are describing a band and it’s music. Are the descriptors really specifying anything original about this particular band? I mean isn’t every rock ‘n’ roll band ‘powerful’? Can’t we say that any singer who is halfway good ‘nuanced’? And I’m not even sure why a rock ‘n’ roll singer would want to be nuanced, especially when they’re playing hard rock, and especially if we want to call it ‘raw’. It seems that there originality is not even an issue because then they mention other famous Rock musicians. It’s as if they’re describing to me an apple at a grocery store, so I’ll be able to determine what kind of Apple I want: ‘this is hard rock with a strawberry finish and tangy body semi crispy’. I mean listen to the cuts, and read the review. Is there any necessary correlation between the two except that they happen to be associated with one webpage promotion? I’m sure I could easily find some other bands video and take exactly that same webpage promotion and plug that video into that webpage and it would have the same amount of meaning. That description that promotion does nothing to distinguish the band. Listen to the cut. I’m sure easily I could find another 50 bands that sound exactly the same as them. It literally in this modern music world is like going to the grocery store. (and I know this is nothing new; but instead speaks to my philosophical work so far is orientation up on objects). 

It literally is that there is no distinction between say hard rock and pop rock except the very name that were attaching to it, except that these folks might wear a particular style of leather jacket and these other folks put sharp studs in their sleeves, and these guys wear T-shirts with catchy logos on them and sneakers, and these guys do their hair funny. 

For me, and I am musician so take it as you will, The image that this band is trying to promote for themselves (and again I don’t mean to pick on just this band, because they’re not philosophers and they’re just doing what they think they should do to follow their rock ‘n’ roll dream just like everyone else  — but perhaps that’s what I have issue with [complaint; whine])seems to defy the very image that they’re trying to promote of themselves. It’s like the image they’re giving us is it the exact opposite of the image they have. 

I’m not a pessimist; though I may be a party pooper. But I already know the people don’t really care about this music theory. And they just want to hear music that sounds good to them; including myself. 

Actually I think the whole thing is pretty damn silly. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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