Book Release: “The Moment of Decisive Significance: A Heresy”

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“The Moment of Decisive Significance” is an object oriented exploration of the Gospels. Counter to the reductionist philosophy of the Enlightenment from at least the past 200 years, I argue two irreconcilable routes upon objects. An object is a universal Being. Likewise, contrary to the Modernist extreme that allows for Post-Modern alienation and its eruption into plurality and multi-vocality, I see that the discourse of the Enlightenment and its colonialist politics have merely drawn a more substantial partition between inclusion and exclusion. The Enlightenment supposed to be able to reconcile these routes; the reconciliation is the route of the Enlightenment. This essay is the description, as well as an example, of an alternate route, similar to what some authors have called the ‘dark enlightenment’.”

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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