NOTES FOR Book 3 of the Philosophical Hack.

NOTES FOR Book 3 of the Philosophical Hack: “DARKNESS: The Second Moment of Decisive Significance” “What does "world" mean when we are speaking of the darkening of the world? The world is always world of spirit (geistige Welt). Animals have no world, nor do they have a world-environment. The darkening of the world implies this… Continue reading NOTES FOR Book 3 of the Philosophical Hack.

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The Question: Of Darkness. 

The Question of Derrida's Heidegger is ironically (as they even say) the question itself, which should not be generalized into a 'common human sort of being'; that question is a response within the consistency that Derrida exposes as failing (decadence). Rather; the question voiced to its particularity that has been obscured  (darkened) by the 'common'… Continue reading The Question: Of Darkness. 


Of Spirit and Repetition.

Heidegger denounces, then, a "spiritual decadence" (geis­ tigen Verfall). Peoples are in the process of losing their last "spiritual forces" through this. This last expression returns often. The Verfall of spirit cannot allow itself to be thought other than in its relation to the destiny of being. If, in ques­ tioning, the experience of spirit… Continue reading Of Spirit and Repetition.