Sports Doping

Why not?

Why are we so worried about sports doping? Is it because we are concerned, like with recreational drugs, that people will become addicted and ruin their lives? Or is there some ethic or morality that finds ‘unaltered’ humanity a noble cause?

Why don’t we have two leagues then, one that upholds the nobility of untarnished human potential, and one that allows all and whatever progresses of science ?

Let one league stay pure.

Let another use every progress of science toward advantage.

Let the players go into this second league with full acknowledgment of the hazards, the largest is they might just die in play. They might die from their bodies simply not being able to accommodate the chemicals and substances they use to enhance their ability, and they might also die from the mere strength that is given the other players. Say football or even hockey. We’d have these huge guys with the bulk and strength that might overcome the body’s natural ability to withstand force. Someones head might be dislodged, or an arm torn off.

There is enough money and business intelligence to figure out how to ethically contract such a sport situation. Can we not be responsible for ourselves? Can we not remove the religious ethical standard that says a person cannot knowingly cause potential harm to oneself if they want to?

I mean, the technology is there. Why don’t we see just what the human body, in concert with scientific and medical potential enhancment, in motion and competition can really do.

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