Difference in Knowing. 

“…(there is) a difference between knowing thru undetstanding the discourse, the explanation of an event, and knowing through actually encountering the event; basically, as anthropologists have noted, there is a difference between book learning and learning that occurs through field work. 

What we have left, then,  for philosophy, is to ackowledge not only the lack if not mistake involved in book learning, but more, the validity of field work into subjects and environments that have heretofore been downplayed as covered in books, ostrasized from legitimate academics, or otherwise removed from credibility and stgmatized due the ethical effectivness of instituational norms and thier complicity with ideological progress. We need reconsider what we mean by ‘experience’, and sort through the ontological entanglement perpetrated by what we understand as philosophy .

 There is a difference between an experience upon reading the theoretical proposal that thus bring more theory, and an experience itself that brings about theory. We need explore and get honest with what is really occurring ‘philosophically’, as an encompassing term. ”

– James Quederh. At the 1st annual talk “Concerning Theoretical Value”. Feb 2016

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