A Wow out of the East..

An interview: Alexander Dugin on Martin Heidegger.

At face value, it appears he is making a good point: as perhaps you might see thru an lsd trip, Dasien lends itself to misconfigurations of impetus, ‘mistakes’in the interpretation of what is actually occurring: facism, liberalism and communism can be seen to be extensions of the possible mistakes. A fourth could be then an ‘actual’ or maybe’true’ reading of Hiedeggers meaning without the mistakes lead by (zizek) traumatic reads of modern ‘desire product’ called capital.

But the apocokyptic angle i think might just be alarmist. Already people are speculating about ‘post-capitalist’ and ‘the fall of capitalism’; this guy at least has what appears to be some critical substance, however far-out in the future it might be. 

I guess it depends how fanatically people misinterpret him and how fanatical he is himself to allow it. 

What do you think? 
Here the link to the Interview.

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