Real Philosophy

Well its finally happened. Reality has defined itself as an exclusive club. So this means that there is no separate considerations of objective elements. If we can trust Harman: Objects receed from view. But i could add: Only as real estimations. In reality, objects constantly are presented, created, developed as well as appear from nowhere. This means that in reality we have ideological aspects, political aspects, spiritual, religious, philosophical, gourmet, mechnical, physical, social…you get the picture. 
But it also means that reality is now contained so what we know as the usual philosophy is but a political puppet, and not some independent consideration. All real critical disciplines serve to support the real ideological mandate. 

But this should not be so troubling. Nearly every philosophical rendering applies itself to political concerns; it seems like they cant help themselves. The authors prop themselves up by it, dropping names and terms like they are really countering something. But they are already absorbed into it, supporting the very structures they propose to be checking.

I have a warm place in my heart for the straw man. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

One thought on “Real Philosophy”

  1. “truth and beauty buried be” – arbitrary quote, from a poem by willy shakes

    perhaps it isn’t simply a matter, here, of his sustained fondness for turtles. nor is it about a mere mention of there being some curious phoenix-y ‘rebirth’. oddly enough, willy shakes, for instance, was doing the only thing he was able to do, between ‘earth and sky, divinities and mortals’: so he consistently enacted a (quasi-empirical?) land-ing of whatever truths & beauties were already in the ‘prophetic airs’, which in his day, i suppose, was a landing of Will ‘itself’. with willy, there is, it is ironic: ‘the Will’, or at least a preliminary poetics & formal narrativization of it, maybe, at least in the literatures. i’m no shakespeare scholar, so who knows?

    that creative, poetic fad of high-school ‘shakespearization’ of things should have passed a long time ago! othello & the taming of shrews, LOL! i am thinking now: things were probably still more or less “fine” for folks, on the ground, even with the very bad slavery stuff going on with the egyptians & greeks, homer/hesiod, etc. notwithstanding plato’s disapprobations & ‘real philosophizing’ of the laws and whatnot, since the ‘hurricane of Will’ hadn’t really touched-down, so to speak, until – probably – the landings, enacted, of willy shakes. i should add, that’s not to say that people weren’t actually violent then, but at least ‘the Will’ in way of conceptual/ideological schemata wasn’t really there as this thing to be understood by the likes of heideggers, later on.

    perhaps, for the ‘whole’, it is more now fitting to say, i don’t know: “beauty and progress buried be”.

    and yet, how can one bury … progress? willy in his day probably wondered the same of truth: how some quality so significant, akin to Truth, be buried? and yet, he just did it anyway. “you have to bury that”, someone once told me. i realized soon after that they weren’t talking about burying this or that truth by way of some ‘will’, but moreso they suggested a complete halting of this general progression. of course, those “spiritual progressives” will always go on under this or that pretense, & have always gone on (crazily or otherwise) since well before the greeks, whether in the name of ‘miracles’ or by some other specific term or scheme, and yet, as you say– reality stays to recoup.

    aaah, we are free! ‘free choice’… free willy? Lol. all of that (the above) to say absolutely nothing yet of beauty, and not to imply it’s somehow temporally ‘constant’ in all this, either. although it might be that there is a sense in which this condition remains roughly the same, in the face of such ideological burials.


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