Gilles Deleuze

Desert Islands, 1953





2 responses to “Gilles Deleuze”

  1. viewfromaburrow Avatar

    it’s in our hands that philosophy must become livable – i like the idea of the double nature of life & reflection, the two sides of the coin. Deleuze thought of philosophy as the creation of concepts, it was for the reader to apply the concepts to the problems of life. awareness of concepts becomes options of behavior, the affirmation of life occurs in actions.


    1. landzek Avatar

      I like more the idea of two sides of the coin that cannot bring their ‘faces’ into concordance with one another; two sides of a one niether can ever enact.

      One that arises as from a continental disruption, always stillsomehow part of the continent; one that arises distinct and unto itself.


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