Sports Doping

Why not? Why are we so worried about sports doping? Is it because we are concerned, like with recreational drugs, that people will become addicted and ruin their lives? Or is there some ethic or morality that finds ‘unaltered’ humanity a noble cause? Why don’t we have two leagues then, one that upholds the nobility […]

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Oh Yes, he Did.

“…its because youre a fucking moron — are we allowed to say that here, Mr. Lee?” “Why not Mr. Johns?” ” Ok then. Miss Kotova, if you stand by that statement, then you are a fucking moron, Susan.” “Well, at least im dealing with reality, Jon.” — from the 1st talk Concerning Theoretical Value. 

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“…engage? You want me to enage with the texts? And which authors should i reference? Might i ask what you expected here? Isnt this the reason we called this talk? I guess we cant assume then that everyone here understands the point of all this, eh?… the conclusion of the great lineage of texts have […]

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