Notes on Telos: A Short Critique of Transcendence

Below; It is interesting that Land wrote about this stuff near 15 years ago. Though I have only recently come across Nick Land, his thing sounds very similar to my 'destruction of the transcendent'. But then again, this has been going on for a while (Nietzsche, Meillassoux, to name two 150 years apart) my question… Continue reading Notes on Telos: A Short Critique of Transcendence


Oh Yes, he Did.

"...its because youre a fucking moron -- are we allowed to say that here, Mr. Lee?" "Why not Mr. Johns?" " Ok then. Miss Kotova, if you stand by that statement, then you are a fucking moron, Susan." "Well, at least im dealing with reality, Jon." -- from the 1st talk Concerning Theoretical Value. 

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"...engage? You want me to enage with the texts? And which authors should i reference? Might i ask what you expected here? Isnt this the reason we called this talk? I guess we cant assume then that everyone here understands the point of all this, eh?... the conclusion of the great lineage of texts have… Continue reading Engagement?