Cristin Ellis’ review of Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology and OOO more generally

Can i say it again?  Philosophy is art.

This review from Postmodern Culture is actually from January 2015, but I hadn’t noticed it previously. The link to the article (HTML) is HERE, though it could be behind a payment firewall for those who aren’t on a suitably linked university campus; hard to tell, since I’m on the AUC campus right now and had […]


  1. . but this i not to say I am a “Object Oriented Ontology” philosopher, though. Just Harman has got a good angle, in my opinion.

    if you are following my blog; I will post progresses. But Im figuring now, probably end of March for ‘Absolution’. Thanks.

    1. I think you can sen a private message somehow. I forget, but I think you can email me through wordpress. I don’t remember how, so Ill email you….oops, for some reason the hyperlink is not working. …

    2. … Im hoping you are meaning the book that I am in process of writing, “Absolution”, or my already published book “Non-philosophy and Aphilosophy”. Because, maybe you are referring to the book in the link of this reposting ???

      (I haven’t emailed you yet, In fact, Ill copy this to an email so you get it)

      1. Your hopes are accurate. My apologies for the blunt comment on a random post. I had no idea about your published work. And since I am teaching myself philosophy… I think I should get your published work too. Do you get profit from the Amazon print or is there another site you prefer? These harder concepts are easier to learn in a tactile manner.

      2. … you can buy it from; search Kair. It is the cheapest I think, and I make a little more than I would through the other sites, I think.

        I am flattered that you would choose my books for your self teaching texts. I hope they serve your effort.

        If you are starting from scratch, kind of, my modest opinion, if you wish to perhaps gain a sort of ‘head start’ about what Object Oriented Ontology might be, while gaining a perspective upon a significant philosophical situation, Granham Harman’s “Heidegger Explained”. I think he does a great job a mixing this ‘new’ kind of oriented philosophy with an ‘old kind’. (This means that Harman can’t keep his opinion out of the way of Heidegger’s proposal. lol) But I

      3. Ok. It’s ordered. Thank you so much. I am not starting from scratch per se, I started two years ago with The Frankfurt School. I’ve read a little all over the place. Not enough though. Thank you very much. I look forward to reading this.

      4. … It will probably take about two months in actuality to get “Absolution” out. I have to first finish editing. Then submit it. Proof the proof, then publish it.

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