Redundancy and Substantiality.

I realize the terrorist organization that calls itself “the Islamic State”, here in the US, we call it “the So-Called Islamic State”, I gather to distinguish the legitimate secular-religion from the illegitimate fundamentalist group.

Some times I hear it called “Dash”. But I’m not sure why then we don’t just switch to the term. 

Nevertheless, everywhere and always for at least the past year, it is always the “the So-Called”. 


Yes; we are reluctantly using their own identifier. And so qualify our disagreement with ‘so-called’.

The group is thus called the so called. 

And no one cares. 

And That, is irony in action; evidence — small evidence, but evidence nevertheless — that no choice is being made, and none had, in the identity of things. 

This post is thus called the so called call to make the call to stop being mindless parrots. 

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