CONTRA BADIOU: Althusserian “New” Materialism

Thanks Terrence. You are always on point. :::: There is an interesting-looking blog event organised around Geoff Pfeifer’s book “THE NEW MATERIALISM: Althusser, Badiou, and Zizek“. So far, the discussion has been slow getting started, and for the moment has turned around the rather strange consensus that Badiou’s philosophy represents a regression compared to Althusser’s… Continue reading CONTRA BADIOU: Althusserian “New” Materialism

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Awareness: part 2

Some one posted a comment to this post of mine, to which I replied, but then I made it into a new posting. You can check the comments of the original post  here:  “We will find, inevitably, as a kind, that the only things that change are the objects of our view, and not any… Continue reading Awareness: part 2


Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy

I am not convinced that we can diffuse the motion with the Internet: The Internet is a money-power machine upheld by moves for power.  Here's The repost:  He who says organization, says oligarchy. So wrote German sociologist Robert Michels during the formation of Europe’s big tent ‘people’s parties’ a century ago. According to Michels—a committed… Continue reading Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy


Matter-Nature-Bodies (Material Feminisms)

The feminist effort is always a gravity that brings the object back to in itself. Always the meaning that accounts for transcendence as a non- religious posture, which is to say, as merely real, essential ideological subjects.  :: Edited by Stacy Alaimo and Susan Hekman and published in 2008, Material Feminisms reads something like a… Continue reading Matter-Nature-Bodies (Material Feminisms)