The Fallacy of Realism.

(Da Sein and the Phenomenon, part 2) If we pay attention, then we may notice that we have been deceived. But most do not notice. The distinction, then, is made between these two ‘awarenesses’, these two ‘knowledges’. So we have really three distinctions, three ‘modes’ evidenced in philosophical authorship. One; of the deception. Denial that there […]

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CFP: Techno Glitches & The Study of Religion (Graduate Conference) (Syracuse University)

Because conventional method cannot find the thing they are perpetually reinstating, as evidenced in the re- Realism at least, some genius has thought of getting everyone’s ideas on what’s always missing, or the occasion thereof:  (Truly hysterical if it weren’t so serious):

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The Belief of Belief.

Below is an example of the problem that arises when we have, as Bruno Latour talks about in his book “An Investigation into Modes of Existence”, belief of belief.  In my opinion, it is an utterly capitalist problem (how to market a True Object), of defining oneself as a benefactor of transcendental Truth (the real […]

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To love. 

“To love somebody is to give permission to that person to destroy you, but believing that they won’t.” -from solid philosophy. 

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“…what we need now is a Christian fundamentalist group that kills in the name of God. Then we might have a kind of symmetry that shows the ridiculousness of labeling everything ‘terrorism’. Certain people just are prone to violent solutions.” Anonymous shopper at a mall in Colorado . 

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