Bouncing poem.

Can you see what I can see?

I described it is perfectly.

The sun has now become a hole in space

And I can see the sun set in another place –

Can you see it too?

We are lucky, me and you.

Because when you get caressed by a double sided vision you are blessed.

And when this world lays an opportunity to understand some more of Her complexity, she paints another stroke in my picture of it all.

And as I stand back from the portrait 

She is painting me

It seems like subtle patterns evolve inconsistently.

This peculiarity really


Has me

Bouncing off the walls.

Can you hear what I can hear? It sounds like it’s not far from here, it sounds like thunderbolts are in the make.

And is the Lightning all around us a mistake? I can see the light of heaven in the clouds and hear the trumpets sounding of the angels glancing down to earth to see what it is worth.

And this world looking back at them has come up with no answer of the end

As she paints on the canvas of us all.

c. 1991, 2015 Covert Sound Philosophy. 

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