The Dark Enlightenment by Nick Land

Be ready:

While interesting to listen to — the unpacking of stasis meaning unto progressive meaning: the True Object toward which history always unfolds — Land is fully invested in the horizontal, seeing his plane as directionally dynamic while at the same time establishing his discourse upon its mono-pronounceable finitude. Even while he seems to offer a ‘new’ enlightenment called ‘dark enlightenment’, his whole proposal is s a game, a mental ideological masturbation ejaculating reactionary discourse in the all too ready arena of fear, making nothing better than an action movie proposed as substantial. Purely derived by his own enlightenment projected out onto the imagined reality, he is an agent of bad faith, a demagogue of sorcery and deceit: A priest of the democracy he argues against or away from; a true charlatan. 
If we can see this, then we have the grounds for the throwing away of all such ideological psychiatry, and for starting anew.

Perhaps, in this way he is being ironic. Make your own judgement. 

Here it is. 
00:00 Part 1: Neo-reactionaries head for the exit 22:28 Part 2: The arc of history is long, but it bends towards zombie apocalypse 43:11 Part 3 1:03:00 Part 4: Re-running the race to ruin 1:29:27 Part 4a: A multi-part sub-digression into racial terror 1:52:08 Part 4b: Obnoxious observations 2:22:51 Part 4c: The Cracker Factory 2:44:44 […]


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