Nothing to be concerned with. 

“Nothing is the state in which anything does not exist.

So there is truth, there must have been something first.

Zero cannot be one unless you take one away.

Nothing depends on its something.

Something is not anything.

Something is by itself.

Nothing is.

Something is nothing, but nothing is nothing to be concerned with.”

The Dismal Rejects. 1985. 

We might see in this simple song the basis for conventional speculation and its repetition under the inspired ‘more true’ method of argument. 
In response to Latour’s defense,we might call this reaction, the reaction to the real necessity to have nothing indicate a trascendental truth, the ‘devil’s advocate’. 

Indeed, contrary to Latour’s assertion, he is indeed a devils advocate, of the opinion based in the ideological omniscience, in bad faith. A faith that is proposed not to be of faith. This faith sees of reason the power to bring transcendence into meaningful coordination with reality. Through the proper philosophical method, reduction by elimination, he proclaims the positions cannot remain in-themselves and still interact. That there must be a reasonable and rational philosophical reduction. 

The only response to this insistence is “idiot”!  So here also we see why a divergence is necessary. The defenders of the ideological state will not admit a jurisdiction outside their purview. 
We will see if this opinion pans out as I make my way through his AIME book.
More in a bit. 

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