the Divergent Proposal, part 4.

Part 4 It would seem that at least one term in a philosophical reduction would have to be able to transcend the discursive limit. But it is just his limit that defines the conventional faith, because it is not commonly understood as a faith; rather, is not seen as faith because no limit is noticed, […]

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Nothing to be concerned with. 

“Nothing is the state in which anything does not exist. So there is truth, there must have been something first. Zero cannot be one unless you take one away. Nothing depends on its something. Something is not anything. Something is by itself. Nothing is. Something is nothing, but nothing is nothing to be concerned with.” […]

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the Divergent Proposal, part 3

We should be careful about positing a transcendence, of proposing or implicating what content might be of such a situation. We might remember an earlier post of Constructive Undoing where I put forth a quite post-modern idea that would rightly be seen to contradict the appearance of the situation alluded to in the last post […]

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the Divergent Proposal, part 2

The question left in the previous essay (the Divergent Proposal) asked us to consider what about the current philosophical proposals are apparent in our daily lives. We need unpack this. Easy at it may seem to refer to science and say that there indeed are processes at work that we do not recognize or acknowledge […]

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“It is not so much that God does not exist, or that there is no God, but that the term no longer helps us in the effort to find out what is really happening, actually occurring.” Anon.

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