Philosopher Magicians. 

A transcript of the talk between Ray Brassier and Tom Metzinger.
It is interesting how these authors propose exactly to the limit that allows them to argue their point. Like some conspiracy, Ray feeds Metzinger the prompts to smooth over the issue that would cause the proposal to crumble; namely, that the idea of transparency is subject to itself such that the statement he make make about it contradicts the proposal.

Like the magicians and prophets of Frazier’s “The Golden Bough”, these authors are our version of such charlatanism. 


    1. Ah ha! Yes. But my point it is only a real necessity. To the extents that people rely upon this, whether knowingly or not, they are in bad faith, proposing that they are involved in the truth, but it is a truth based in a deception. The key issue is that they often identify the problem, but then step lively back into it– because they see no other way to go!

      The significance is in showing exactly where these passes occur . For now, those authors are false profits of capital identity , milking “the ends” for their own benefit, but speaking as if for everyone.

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