Aw Yeah…things ARE getting interesting.

There should be no surprise that relationships between peoples and their respective cultures, as well as the supposed unfounded race categories, are plagued with invisible biases that inform individuals as to how they are to understand, deal with and treat members of the various groups, from all sides. This is why we need be open to having our biases exposed so that we can enter into a more human intercourse with the world.

It should also not be a surprise that powerful people are not necessarily intelligent nor open to addressing thier biases; more often people merely run off their biases.

So hats off to the White House to day for calling it as it is.

This potential for rift can be seen for our times consistent with what is gong on everywhere. It might be surprising for some Americans to see ‘inalienable rights’ as indeed inalienable, as “God given”, and then to consider that, for example, India has certain ‘inalienable rights’ in thier constitution that puts ours to shame. While we have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, India has a much more inclusive idea of what ‘right to life’ means. There people have a right to food and shelter; life itself involves that which is necessary for life, and it falls on the govern,ent to supply those in need with food and shelter.  How about “The Home Of the Free”? Most Americans, I hate to say, are probably still stuck in the individual of manifest destiny, of carpe diem and individual responsibility for himself, that such ‘right to food’ just caters to lazy people, and so much so they will argue ‘with an open mind’ vehemently how our Rights somehow are more true; so much for exposing biases.

The conservative One-ness that was the American experiment, the ‘world history’ culmination of European enlightenment, is now seeing it is just One among many, and growing slightly anachronistic in this view, as it might just become more and more irrelevant, if such White wealthy conservative Christians don’t get called out to thier bigotry and be willing to address that which was invisible to them without defensive resentment and anger.

Thank you Mr. president. 

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