Art Objects and the Fullfillment of Power 

I think no one really wants to get philosophical about their situation. I mean, everyone wants to have what they want, and no one really wants to not want. They may say they want to not want, but they have no clue what that means. Everyone wants to stay wanting; it is the capitalist way, to create want from want without ever having or granting what was wanted. It is the nature of intrinsic mythology to show the completion of reality through its own mechsnisms: For our moment, Want is naturally human.  

It is therefore so ironic that there is something we want that defies capitalism, as well as egg it on.


Check this out:

Im gonna propose that there is a difference between ‘goods’ and ‘products’. Goods, ill say, are good, that is, they fullfill want, and products are ideological presentations of capitalistic power, which is to say they do not fullfill want, but only grant what we can say is an ’empty object’.  
Music used to be a Good in as much as it offered a path, so to speak, toward the fullfilled life.

Music as a product offers emptiness and thereby for want amounts to a ‘fetish addiction’. 

Capitalism, the positive term form of nihilism, leads to where all addiction leads and manifests in the same way as addiction: selfishness, desparation, segregation, oppression, denial, and eventually death and or transformation. 

Because of the nature of the human being, death is always the instgator of solution through problem, the solution that is always a placating of the addiction. This route never ends because of the self oriented gathering for want. 


The heart of music represented by its product status, shows that much of modern music is meaningless, merely expressions of nothing, which is, the phenomenal subject. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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