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Comment on the comment of Tom Sparrow’s “The End of Phenomenology”. 

The New Realism is just that: A manner of justification for a new reality.  No big deal; its cool. I just wonder how critical they go. What is their purpose.  Well, an intro to Toms book goes like this:            "In the 20th century, phenomenology promised a method that would get… Continue reading Comment on the comment of Tom Sparrow’s “The End of Phenomenology”. 


(Networks & Religion) Bruno Latour (Modes of Existence)

The Post Post-modern opening for ‘spirits’. What is a name for an element that exists unto itself, through its own agency, undetstanding and mode of agency, yet interacts with other elements that are likewise ‘essential’? In another time, we called these ‘gods’ and ‘spirits’.

The linear movement that the Speculative Realists see themselves involved with, is the unrecognized beginning of a universal repetition, an historical reiteration.

Hegel but not Hegel. Society as caste but not caste. The reinstatement of the universal forms through new term-object identities.

All this will be covered in The Philosophical Hack.

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I’m not sure if Bruno Latour is Christian or neo-pagan or more likely some new amalgam. We read it in the Syracuse Department of Religion theory reading group two years ago and I’m trying here to sort through and get a grapple on my notes. Perhaps Latour’s magnum opus, An Inquiry into Modes of Existence is a systematic take on the multiple modes of existence, the multiple types of being and intersecting nodal points that make up contemporary life (in the west) as seen from a Euro-techno science-studies perspective.

Post-Hegelian and pragmatic, the book’s fundamental imperative has to do with the construction of global networks qua conceptual structure by which we connect up everything together (science, nature, politics, society, religion, technology) and under what felicity conditions? Proposed are new ontologies freed from the so-called modern split between subjects and objects. Knowledge is not the reflection of a subject on the…

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Object Orientation and the New Realism.

Adding a comment upon the previous two posts:  it should be no wonder that there is no more overt questioning of how we are to go about things in the world: We have to buy and sell stuff, material. It appears the young generation had just accepted this without question where the grown, if there… Continue reading Object Orientation and the New Realism.